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Please Write Responsibly

by Granfalloon

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There are those songs we write that are rooted wholly in fact, and there are those that take some element of life and exaggerate or filter it through another lens, employing it as a fantastastical metaphor in order to better understand or illustrate our lives.

When we use elements of our real lives in this way, we run the risk of people feeling hurt, or misunderstood.

This is not one of those songs. This is the song written as an apology for one of those songs.

The new video for this song will be released at 12pm on youtube.com/richardlomax


Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6
Caug6/A Am(maj11) Caug6/A Am(maj11)
One day I wrote a story Upon a scrap of paper
And I left it in my kitchen To come back to and finish later
The Anecdote; while largely based in truth was exaggerated
The lives involved had been enlarged and their neuroses elevated

Well that Narrative it rose right up off of the paper, right off of the table Gone as quick as Clark Gable
And made right for my front door As fast as it were able
It whistled through the letterbox And rampaged down the street
Through every bookshop and every library in search of words to eat

Gmaj7 Bm7 E7 -
It stopped to pet a Shaggy Dog And the Dog grew 10 feet tall
This tall Tale wagged into office windows, shattering them all

Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6
Caug6/A Am(maj11) Caug6/A Am(maj11)
The Chronicle stalked the town It drank and fought through every bar
My Fable went and shot a man And stole off in his car
The Legend climbed a telegraph pole It slithered through the TV set
It slipped inside the phone lines And escaped into the Internet

Gmaj7 Bm7 E7
And then the trouble really doubled And the woes, they really started
My Fiction terrorised my enemies Left my friends all broken hearted

Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6
Caug6/A Am(maj11) Caug6/A Am(maj11)
This Yarn had caused more harm Than was ever my intention
I'd only scribbled words on paper I hadn't wanted this destruction
(spoken) I mean whoever got hurt by a Story? What Song brought a government to its knees?
What Poem dismantled a tank Or started World War 3?

Gmaj7 Bm7 E7
And As I tracked the trail of carnage Caused by my Fantasy
It leapt right out of my computer screen And began to attack me

Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6
Caug6/A Am(maj11) Caug6/A Am(maj11)
My Story tore me limb from limb All the while screaming with glee:
"Words are more powerful than you ever could conceive So please write responsibly!"
Gmaj7 Bm7 Bb
And as I wrote that final line From the kitchen I was in
I thought I'd save us all the bother Screwed up that Story and threw it in the bin

(end on D6 add e?)


released July 1, 2022
Richard Lomax - vocal/guitar
Molly Becker - violin
Dom Major - guitar
Daz Woodcock - bass
Andy Lyth - banjo

Additional production by Dom Major


all rights reserved



Granfalloon Manchester, UK

Manchester based composer and recordist. Lo-fi. Folk. Psych. Songs. Unusually long neck for a man my height.

Contact: info@granfalloonmusic.com


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