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Bee on a String

by Granfalloon

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First single from the upcoming double album Calendar*.

Watch the animated video by Roomer Animations at:

When Catherine** was an 8 year old girl, she learned two facts about bees. Fact number one about bees was that bees cannot fly backwards. Fact number two was that, if you were to catch a bee in a tupperware box and place that tupperware box in a fridge, you would lower the bee’s body temperature to the point where that bee would go to sleep.

Combining these two facts, Catherine, at years old, caught a bee in a tupperware box, placed the tupperware box in the fridge, cooled the bee and put it to sleep and whilst the bee was rendered comatose Catherine tied a very thin piece of cotton round one of its back legs. She then took the tupperware from the fridge, warmed the bee and woke it up. Safe in the knowledge the bee could not fly backwards and sting her, she took the bee for a walk around her local park.

*working title
**names have been changed to protect the unwittingly guilty.



D Bm Em A
Buzzing around
Dancing for hours and hours
Life is sweeter than the honey that I'm making for you
Life is sweeter than the honey that you're taking from me
Trapped in a box
You put me into a fridge
I'm getting sleepy, ah my eyes are getting heavy
So I think I'll rest my fuzzy little body on the floor of the

Tupperware On the floor of the tupperware

Em7 A Em7 A
She keeps bees in a deep freeze
It makes them sleep so she keeps bees
On a string

When I woke up
From an uneasy dream
I found that I'd been tethered to a heavy length of yarn
I tried to sever but my clever captor wrapped it round her arm
O - Behind me now Which she held behind me now

She keeps me in a deep freeze
It makes me sleep so she keeps me
On a string

Gmaj7 F#m7 Em7 D/ then A on 2nd time
You're only pulling my leg
Or am I pulling my leg
In an attempt to bee free?
I know you're fascinated by me
But won't you let me be free?
Why won't you let me bee free?
O must…

You keep me in a deep freeze
To make me sleep so you keep me
On a string
She keeps me in a deep freeze
It makes me sleep so she keeps me
On a string


released April 8, 2022
Richard Lomax - vocals/guitar
Cleg - guitar/vocals
Daz Woodcock - bass/vocals/organ
Andy Lyth - drums
Garreth Knott - trumpet


all rights reserved



Granfalloon Manchester, UK

Manchester based composer and recordist. Lo-fi. Folk. Psych. Songs. Unusually long neck for a man my height.

Contact: info@granfalloonmusic.com


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